Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tennessee Family Vacation

 Every four years we meet some of Kyle's extended family (the Dunlap side) in Tennessee.  This was our fourth trip together. It's always such a great time to relax, catch up with cousins, and now, it's a time for our own kids to connect.  This year we had so many people we had to rent two cabins.  All the cousins and our kids stayed in one cabin, along with Dave and Kathy, and Grandpa Dunlap.  In the other, "quiet" cabin stayed Mom and Dad, Wilma and Lloyd, Kristi, Karel, and Karen and Chuck.

 (I honestly didn't take hardly any pictures this vacation.  I think I was just enjoying it too much.  A big thanks to Brett and Missy for taking and sharing pics. I'll have to add them once I can get them from Kyle's computer.)

As usual, we had WAY too much food.  We feasted on steaks, sweet corn, Grandpa's potato salad and cucumbers, along with pints of jam and greenbeans he brought with him.  We also had BR's famous chicken lips (sounds disgusting, but it's basically chicken tender flavored like wings).  YUM!

So before I forget, here's a rundown of what we did each day.

FRIDAY: LONG day of traveling!  We rented a minivan (best decision ever) and headed out with my parents around 8am.  We were a little nervous because Kerbi is not the best traveler, but both kids did awesome!  Kerbi didn't so much as whine on the way there.  Mom and I had some surprises for both kids to help keep them entertained and we were so proud of them.  We made a quick stop at Chick-fil-a for lunch which was wonderful.

Saturday:  Started out a little cloudy and rainy, so we obviously had no choice but to go to the Tanger outlet mall.  I stocked up at the Children's Place and we ate at Chick-fil-a again for lunch.  That afternoon we went swimming at the cabin's pool with the cousins and Kyle took a bike ride.  That evening we had steaks on the grill with corn and baked potatoes.

Sunday: ZIPLINGING!! Can't really even begin to describe this.  I was very nervous about the thought of having to step off the platform and trust that the harnest was going to hold me and that I would not plummet to my death.  But the guides were awesome and they really eased us into the whole process.  There were six different lines to go down and on the first one we were able to sit in our harnest before we took off.  The second line they "strongly suggested" we run and jump to take off.  By the fourth line we were hanging upside down with no hands!!  So fun, and so glad I did it!

That evening, Kyle and I were fortunate enough to go on a date to the Apple Barn. So. much. delicious. food!

Monday:  I shopped (kid free) in the morning because Kyle was going golfing in the afternoon.  Trager and I spent some time in the pool while Kerbi napped.

Tuesday: Splash Country! Such a great waterpark!  After Trager got over his initial shock, he had a blast.  Kyle and I were able to head off on our own in the afternoon to try out the bigger slides.  A big thanks to both sets of grandparents for helping out so much with the kids.  We also went to into town to Woody's Wild Ride where they have a wooden go-cart track and smaller rides for kids.

Wednesday: One last trip to the outlet mall.  One last lunch to Chick-fil-a.  One last swim in the pool.  (By the way, Trager started swimming with no wings while on vacation, and Kerbi became a little water baby, loving to float with her wings on her own.)
That evening the cousins went out to eat at Tony Roma's and then hit up  a lazer tag.  Why not?

All the cousins got snuggled up on our bed and watched "High School Musical".

Thursday: Headed home!

We are so thankful for a family who loves God.  I'm sure not all extended families could spend a week living together and have as much fun as we did.  Already looking forward to the next vacation 4 years from now!

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