Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Welcome Kerbi Sue!

Kerbi Sue Shutz was born on December 28, 2009. We went in early Monday morning to be induced. Daddy and I were pretty relaxed driving to the hospital and checking in. It sure helps to know at least a little bit of what we would be experiencing. The doctor on call was Dr. Beal, and she was great. We also had fun with our resident, Dr "J". Labor was fast and not too painful because of the epidural, another wise known as "the Christmas Miracle", according to Kyle. I think it took about 5 1/2 hours total for Kerbi to join us and only 9 minutes of pushing.

Here are Kerbi's stats:

Born 12:37 pm

Weight: 7lbs 15oz (same as Trager)

Height: 21 in

Kerbi was a very quiet baby right after delivery. Kyle and I were a little scared that something might be wrong with her because she really didn't give us a good cry until late that evening, where we preceeded to give her a pacifier and hide it from the nurses. ;) Wow, how things change when it is your second child. Haha!

Trager was a great big brother right from the start. He stayed with Grandma Kathy the first night and then we came home the day after Kerbi was born. I'm actually writing this 8 months after her birth, as she is crawling around my feet as I type. I can't believe we have come this far so quickly. Seems like yesterday....