Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Halloween

Our Halloween was pretty jam-packed this year. After church we grabbed a quick bite then went home to get Kerbi a nap. Around 4pm we headed over to the Moore's for appetizers. As usual we had way to much food, but it was delicious. The kids were anxious to hit the hood so we bundled Kerbi up and started trick-or-treating. After making it to a few houses in our neighborhood, we packed up the kids and headed to Mom and Dad's. Trager fell asleep on the way there and was out cold. He eventually woke up enough to get his treats and we made a quick trip to Grannie and Granpa's as well. Then, we loaded up the kids again and went to Dave and Kathy's for more goodies. On the way home we decided that next year we are going to stay home!! It's too much for the kids (okay, and us) to try and make all the rounds. So next year we will do a little trick-or-treating in our neighborhood then head home to hand out candy.

Here are the pics from the day.
Spiderman and Pumkin' ready to rock the hood!

Mollie and Kerbi!

If only Mollie was a little younger...
Brrrrr! It was cold!

At Grandma Beth's. T was still trying to wake up.
Grandma "Kacky" and Grandpa Dave

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Parade

Preschool is full of new adventures. For all of us. Trager was in his first "parade", and I had my first "I can't believe I'm really holding two cameras while pushing Kerbi in the stroller all so I can capture my son walking around an old gym in a line". Really? But now I can blog about it. And Kyle was happy I did it.

We weren't sure how Trager would react to the parade. I mean, people staring at him isn't his favorite thing in life. But he did great!! Seriously, it was pretty precious seeing him walk around in his spiderman outfit. It was cute seeing how seriously he and his classmates were about parading in their costumes. They all did a great job!

Making Trager pose right before we headed out the door. This is definitely a fake smile. The picture I took before this shows his true feelings, but I'm not going to post it. =)
Umm, stud??
Come on, so adorable!
Listening to directions and staying in line.
By far the cutest spectator there!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dunlap Wiener Roast

It has become a tradition to have a wiener roast/cook-out with the Dunlap family out at The Farm in Petersburg. This year a lot of the family couldn't make it, so we invited some families from church. The weather was perfect. We had a really fun time roasting hotdogs, playing bags, football. Our favorite part was the hay ride.
LOTS of kids ready for the hay ride!

We were so glad Grandpa Dunlap and Kristi could make it.

Monday, September 13, 2010


We're chalking up Trager's first day of preschool as a success. We weren't sure what to expect because he is not exactly the outgoing type. We tried to prepare him as best as we could, but I was preparing myself for the worst. I'm actually surprised he posed for these pictures. I think it was nervous energy because after these pictures when it was time to get in the car he told me he was going to hide. Nevertheless, we made it to the school and he was pretty calm. We checked in and he cried when I handed him over to his teacher, but it turns out he only cried for about thirty seconds or so. When I went to pick him up he had a star for good listening. To celebrate, we went to the McDonald's drivethru and headed for the park. Later that day Grandpa Dave took him to the farm store for more tractors. Great job, Trager!!

Awesome "Toy Story" backpack. He picked this one because of the army men at the top.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer lovin'

I love the pool. I'm hoping to pass on this love to my children. We tried to spend as much time outside as we could this summer. We had lots of fun days at Grandma Beth's pool. Other days, we stayed home and splashed around in our cheapo blow up pool. Whatever it takes!

Kerbi is chillin' in the exersaucer next to Grannie and Grandpa while T and I hit the pool.

Big brother, little brother

Water slide in the back yard!


Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th

We spent July 4th with our friends in the hood. We had a great cookout and then headed to Plains to meet some family for the fireworks. It poured all over Springfield but somehow Plains stayed dry and we enjoyed a nice cool night after a very muggy day.

Brian and Jason manning the grill.


Kerbi and Cara

Kerbi didn't cry at all during the fireworks.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kerbi's first days

We had family and friends come to visit Kerbi in the hospital but we didn't get many pictures. Above is Kyle with an uncertain Trager. Below is Megan and Dan. They stopped by on their way through town and they brought me a chocolate Georgia Mud Fudge blizzard from Dairy Queen. My favorite.

Uncle Phil with Kerbi Sue. And a big "thank you" to Phil, Erin, and kids (and a few neighbors) for the awesome welcome home sign in our yard. For those of you who didn't get a chance to see it, please know I am being completely sarcastic.

Grannie and Grandpa Harry

He was a proud and loving big brother right from the start.
Aren't moms great? Mom and Kathy helped us so much those first few days. Who am I kidding...they are still helping us. I'm so thankful we live close to family!!