Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Jesus loves me, this I know"

Kerbi is not great when it comes to riding in the car.  Kyle would say this is an understatement, and yes, it is.  But out of the chaos of a screaming 1 year old, I am often blessed.  When I am at the end of my rope because I can't think of anything else to pass back to Kerbi to pacify her, I hear...

"Jesus wuvs me this I know,
For the Bible he tells me so.
Yittle ones to him be long,
he are weak but He is strong.
Yes, Jesus wuvs me.
Yes, Jesus wuvs me this I know..."

Trager, in his sweet voice, calms his baby sister by singing to her.  This is his version of Jesus loves me and I don't ever want to forget it.


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