Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Halloween

Our Halloween was pretty jam-packed this year. After church we grabbed a quick bite then went home to get Kerbi a nap. Around 4pm we headed over to the Moore's for appetizers. As usual we had way to much food, but it was delicious. The kids were anxious to hit the hood so we bundled Kerbi up and started trick-or-treating. After making it to a few houses in our neighborhood, we packed up the kids and headed to Mom and Dad's. Trager fell asleep on the way there and was out cold. He eventually woke up enough to get his treats and we made a quick trip to Grannie and Granpa's as well. Then, we loaded up the kids again and went to Dave and Kathy's for more goodies. On the way home we decided that next year we are going to stay home!! It's too much for the kids (okay, and us) to try and make all the rounds. So next year we will do a little trick-or-treating in our neighborhood then head home to hand out candy.

Here are the pics from the day.
Spiderman and Pumkin' ready to rock the hood!

Mollie and Kerbi!

If only Mollie was a little younger...
Brrrrr! It was cold!

At Grandma Beth's. T was still trying to wake up.
Grandma "Kacky" and Grandpa Dave

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