Sunday, September 25, 2011

And so it begins...

...the wonderful world of sports.  I can't believe we're here.  Trager has joined up with teammate and neighbor, Bailey, to dominate the YMCA soccer league.  (I'm laughing so hard right now.)  Although Trager was VERY excited to go to his first soccer practice (and did quite well), he refused TO MOVE AT ALL during his first game.  Talk about terrified.  I literally had to have the coach pry him out of my arms so he would play/stand on the field the fourth quarter.

To make a very long story short, and the very last practice and game, Trager had a complete 180 and decided to give soccer his all!!  To say we are proud of him is a huge understatement.  I thought Kyle's face was going to stay in a permanent smile.  =) Trager sprinted with the rest of the kids and even kicked the ball a few times.  As a reward, he got to play goalie, which is his very favorite.

The icing on the cake was when Trager got his trophy.  There's something about your first kid getting his first trophy.  We may just hang on to that one.

Getting his shinguards and cleats at Scheels!

On the way to the first practice.

First game.

Trager and Bailey standing at their posts.

Bailey getting ready to play goalie!

During the last game when Trager was actually participating!

The final huddle...


T coach pulled Trager aside to tell him how proud he was of him and how much he improved.  We are so thankful for encouraging coaches who never gave up on him!

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